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Gtechnology Foundation

We place ourselves as a bridge between the past and the future, between tradition and innovation, between companies, the social world, citizens and public administration, between ideas and markets, between universities and companies, to bring out Italian excellence in all its aspects.
We realize networks of opportunities and digital ecosystems that are the engine of the production of social and economic value

gtechnology services

Basic research

GTechnology supports basic research activities, creating the ideal conditions for collaboration between in-house researchers and universities and research centres

Industrial Research

GTechnology promotes the technical-scientific system of products, processes and services in order to optimise their positive effects on the entire community

Experimental development

GTechnology supports the experimental development activities of companies and research centres for the production of new materials, products, services and processes


GTechnology, with courses, publications and seminars, disseminates, shares and updates knowledge and skills in all areas of knowledge it deals with


GTechnology helps startups to grow and position themselves in the market, supporting a dedicated team tailored to the needs of the new business reality


GTechnology identifies partners who share our commitment, our quality standards and who act in a responsible manner from an ethical, social and environmental point of view


Thanks to the technological infrastructure and the competences present in the different technological platforms, the GTechnology Foundation can offer a wide range of fundamental research services (basic research) that range in a very large interval of activities


The foundation currently owns and operates six different scientific research laboratories, each of which is directed by a highly qualified professor in that field. The labs are dedicated to the study and research of highly innovative projects


GTechnology carries out research activities both directly, through the competences and the internal technical/organizational structures (the laboratories), and through the joint ventures, the collaborations and the partnerships with university and professional structures Highly qualified

our laboratories