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About us

GTechnology promotes research activities related to the themes of innovation, for public administration, for business and for social

GTechnology is a scientific foundation non-profit research organization as defined by the European Commission Communication 2006/C 323/01 of 30/12/2006.

Born in 2012 on the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to share their experiences in the field of research and their passion for innovation. From the outset Gtechnology has set itself the ambitious objective of contributing in a concrete, clear and identifiable way to the development of research activities and to the diffusion of the culture of innovation.

What do we do

The Gtechnology Foundation:

  • Supports research by itself, on behalf of national and international companies, basic research, industrial research and experimental development activities
  • • Supports public administrations in the implementation Of the policies for the growth of the territory, for the technological development and the diffusion of the innovation
  • Supports companies through strategic programming and development activities, both by supporting internal R&S departments and by directly managing research projects
  • Supports companies that want to innovate by selecting the most appropriate financial instruments to ensure the economic sustainability of projects by decreasing the burden of risk
  • Helps the startups to grow and enter the market thanks to the support of a dedicated team
  • Offers services, spaces and expertise to carry out research and development projects
  • Promotes the culture of innovation through events, courses and seminars, and the dissemination of research through periodical publications
  • It creates a network of contacts and coordinates its activities with other foundations, consortia, associations and national and international organizations, to realize scientific, technical and commercial programs and partnerships

How we operate

“We believe that the best way to address the challenges of the economy is to share information, projects and ideas through the exchange of experience and knowledge”

Through a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, the GTechnology Foundation carries out research activities both directly, through the competences and the internal technical/organizational structures of its laboratories, and through joint ventures, Collaborations and partnerships with universities and research centres in Italy and Europe.

The Fondazione Gtechnology creates a network of contacts and coordinates its activities with other foundations, consortia, associations and national and international bodies in order to realize scientific, technical and commercial partnerships for the implementation of Common programs and projects.

Social innovation

“We believe that innovation is the main strategic element for the development and increase of competitiveness of Italian companies and that it must have a socially relevant purpose from which society as a whole must benefit, without any exclusion”

GTechnology has identified innovation as the strategic element for business development, with the aim of increasing its competitiveness and supporting growth through a concrete contribution.

The aim of Gtechnology is to create the scientific and market conditions capable of enabling a balanced and progressive development of new technologies. By promoting studies, research and experimentation in the field, Gtechnology strives to support entrepreneurial projects capable of overcoming social challenges and fostering a more dynamic, inclusive and sustainable market economy.

GTechnology believes that social innovations can be obtained by aggregating people with techniques and cultural skills and different experiences, creating interdisciplinary and interoperable teams.