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Thanks to the technological infrastructure and the competences present in the different technological platforms, the GTechnology Foundation can offer a wide range of fundamental research services (basic research) that range in a very large interval of activities. The GTechnology Foundation helps the development of basic research by collaborating with universities and through col created inside.

According to the definition of the Community framework for State aid in favour of research, development and innovation, communication from the European Commission 2006/C 323/01, fundamental research is: “Experimental or theoretical work carried out mainly for To acquire new knowledge on the fundamentals of phenomena and observable facts, without any application or direct practical use. “

Fundamental research, also defined as basic or pure, basic research through the generation of new theories, provides the foundation for further research that may have application relapses in the medium-long term.

The basic research aims to promote, in a given process, the advancement of knowledge and the theoretical understanding of the relationships of the different variables in play.
This type of research is often exploratory and is undertaken by the interest and intuition of experienced researchers.