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European Commission 2006 – C323/01

LEuropean Commission 2006 – C323/01 The European Commission, with a communication of 2006/C 323/01, introduced in the Community legislation an ad hoc discipline in the field of funding to be disbursed to the States, in order to promote their research, development and innovation. The aim of the discipline is to promote research, development and innovation to make a significant contribution to the growth, prosperity and sustainable development of the community. The aim is to help the community to strengthen the scientific and technological bases of the industry, to promote the development of its competitiveness at international level and to promote the research actions deemed necessary. This discipline tends to increase economic efficiency by examining well-defined market deficiencies that prevent the community economy from reaching the optimum level of growth in the international arena. . The promotion of the research of development and innovation is through a series of activities that fall under the rules set and declared by the discipline 2006/C 323/01. The activities of the GTechnology Foundation have been defined as totally compatible with the Community legislation.

QuESTIO: Quality Evaluation in Science and Technology for Innovation Opportunity

The system QuESTIO is configured as a tool for the identification and mapping of centres that offer to the market at least one of the services of research, technology transfer, support to the TT and auxiliary to the R&TT monitored by this (CRTT).

The system is aimed at::

  • To promote cohesion among the different actors of innovation by acting on the visibility of centres;
  • To generate virtuous mechanisms for innovation and improvement of the research and technology transfer system

This system pursues its objectives by setting up the collection, management and publication of information relating to the actors of the innovation system and detects the expertise of the research and innovation centres registered in its own system.


NMSBA: Neuromarketing Science e Business Association

NMSBA is a world association that combines all those who have a professional interest in the field of neuromarketing, with the aim of providing a valid support to all institutions and figures that are interested in this area of study.

NMSBA contributes to the development and implementation of international guidelines and to standardization in neuromarketing discipline, promoting the added value.

The “NMSBA Code of Ethics” is a cornerstone for all companies that apply neuroscience to their business worldwide: it ensures that ethical standards for the neuromarketing research sector are not violated.

The GTechnology Foundation, having a state-of-the-art neuroscience Laboratory, is an active member of this association.