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Industrial research aims to find practical and specific solutions for the advancement of theoretical knowledge through practical purposes applied to specific cases for development in the technological field. The industrial research carried out by the foundation serves to foster, through collaboration between companies, the development of projects that meet the needs of innovation and competitiveness, intensifying the exchange of knowledge and skills between Companies and encouraging aggregation between micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

With industrial research, GTechnology promotes the technical-scientific system of products, processes and services of the whole community thanks to the relapses on the territory in terms of the impact on employment and the competitiveness of the production complex.

According to the definition of the Community framework on state aid for research, development and innovation, European Commission communication 2006/C 323/01, Industrial research is: “Planned research or critical investigations aimed at Acquire new knowledge, to be used to develop new products, processes or services or to allow a significant improvement of existing products, processes or services. It includes the creation of complex system components necessary for industrial research, in particular for the validation of generic technologies, with the exception of the prototypes defined in the definition of experimental developmen