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Las Science and technology of health

“Human health is today at the centre of the interest of all men and in all countries, at the centre of the world, in the economy, in research, in politics.
The maintenance of health and its defence, sometimes strenuous when it is seriously threatened, are complex issues.
On these values converge the doctrinal bodies, the theoretical assumptions and the experimental results of many disciplines, not only medical, but which draw on the whole world of science, logic, ethics and the humanities.
Sometimes you encounter magical harmonies that determine a true advancement of knowledge; Other times the disciplinary interactions are chaotic and disergious, and the results are not applicable, with negative consequences both on man and on those who invested time and money to promote the progress of knowledge.
So, research is never easy, and the issues that affect human health are even less so. But it is the elective road, in today’s market, to be innovative and competitive.
It is therefore necessary, in the field of applied and industrial research, of the development of new techniques or new products, a new science of health, which is able to fill the structural, infrastructural and cultural gaps.
The GTechnology Foundation’s Science and Technology Laboratory aims to help all entrepreneurial realities, in particular SMEs, to reason, starting from the needs of man, through the filter of science and the clinic.
We are convinced that research in the field of health can improve the protection and care, even when the only protection is not enough, in the rut […] of being custodians of creation, of neighbour and of the environment”.
Antonio Vittorino Gaddi


The laboratory wants to intercept the market demands and the technological proposals in a complete way, expecting the out-as of health, as well as the market ones, or related to the achievement of surrogate point.
Promotes research and development in the field of technologies (computer, engineering, clinical, pharmaceutical, nutritional, etc.) that have a visible and measurable relapse on the health and well-being of the general population or the individual citizen, Starting directly from the needs
Of man interpreted in the light of the clinical-epidemiological, ergonomic, anthropological and psychological perspective.


The laboratory has activated specific skills and initiated or proposed research protocols in the following areas:

  • Digital Health: Solutions for remote monitoring, diagnosis and therapy
  • Feeding and Nutraceuticals: implementation of functional foods, epidemiological analyses, advanced techniques for the treatment and preservation of food
  • Microbiome and Genome: advanced research to identify markers of disease and health
  • Search for solutions against air, food and water pollution, both in private and professional/industrial areas
  • Family Home Medicine and design of solutions in reality virtual and augmented reality for the treatment of pathologies
  • Big Data: Analysis of clinical data for early diagnosis through artificial intelligence tools

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