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Lab Tourism


The GTechnology Foundation, with a view to broadening the fields of activity, has turned its attention to the world of tourism as a science that can be transformed, conveyed and created even where it is not present.
The phenomena that contribute to the tourist success are manifold and multifaceted; Not always the organization of events aimed to make known the merits of the places reaches the goal of loyalty to the tourist so as to induce him to return and become a customer.
It is therefore essential to produce stimuli that reach the potential clientele so as to create interest and curiosity and above all to involve the territory in all its aspects, with the primary objective of creating wellbeing.


iL Laboratorio Turismo vuole realizzare  un modello che consenta di gestire i progetti di ricerca e sviluppo dei vari settori del turismo seguendo metodologie comprovate e di successo per le imprese turistiche, interagendo anche con gli interventi di strategia digitale ed in linea con il TDLAB del Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo.


The Tourism Laboratory, has activated specific skills, such as:

  • Didactic, planning and experimentation activities for the communication, the enhancement and the enjoyment of the artistic patrimony present in Italy;
  • Enhancing and protecting the small artistic and natural treasures present in Italy as well as museums, archeological sites, art galleries, villas and parks;
  • Catalogue and document photographic art sites in Italy;
  • Promote events that require integrated and coordinated actions with the sectors of fashion, music, art and food and wine;
  • Promote events and exhibitions to enrich new experience jewels of ancient architecture thanks to the energy of contemporary art;
  • PrPromote events in public spaces and buildings aimed at awakening the sense of collective identity and memory to open up to the future;

il team di ricerca

Valentino de bortoli

Direttore scientifico

Fabio Franchi


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