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The Scientific Foundation GTechnology Research organisation carries out exploration and exploitation activities, i.e. it continually seeks new partnerships for its activities.
The activity of exploration is essentially the exploration or scouting of technologies on the market, while that of exploitation consists in the implementation and analysis of different strategies to commercialize the technology also in sectors not similar to that in Which she was born. GTechnology Research scientific partners for companies that want to innovate and turn to the foundation and vice versa, research possibilities of application in the market for research groups that possess know-how but do not have facilities to experience The industrial application of the knowledge developed.
Being aware of the important role that business partners play in our success, all the parnership undertaken by the foundation focus on professionalism and high performance. GTechnology identifies partners who share our commitment, our qualitative standards and who operate responsibly from an ethical, social and environmental point of view. The aim is to achieve a deep level of innovation based on trust and cooperation aimed at a superindividual advantage