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The GTechnology Scientific Foundation develops innovative projects and processes, with basic, industrial and experimental research methods, to help companies improve their competitive position on the market through a right combination of Knowledge and technology.
“The value of the research projects is not only in the immediate relapse for the clients, but also in the inspiration and the knowledge for the business community”.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary of our skills we manage to carry out research projects in a wide panorama of industrial sectors: agricultural and industrial mechanics, domotics, informatics, multichannel distribution, handicrafts, digital marketing , metalworking, safety at work and many more.

GTechnology identifies the most appropriate technologies and specific skills necessary for the implementation of the programmes that companies undertake to improve their competitiveness through technological innovation.
Each research project has the intent to intervene to improve different areas in the industrial landscape (logistics, production, etc…) and is followed and coordinated by a member of our most qualified Scientific committee in the field of intervention.

GTechnology on behalf of the companies realizes:

  • Transition from basic and experimental research to applied research;
  • Definition of new products, processes, services;
  • Development of components, demonstrators, prototypes and pre-series;
  • Search for partners and suppliers of specific know-how;
  • Technology transfer;
  • Funding of research projects

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