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Scientific Technical Committee

The Technical Scientific Committee of GTechnology has a large and established group of qualified personnel able to cover all the research areas of the Foundation through specific know-how. Our Technical Scientific Committee is in fact made up of eminent university professors, researchers, professionals, consultants of high competence in the subjects covered by the Foundation’s activities. Thanks to their training and experience, the Foundation has a solid knowledge of the different areas.

Il Comitato Scientifico inoltre, formula proposte e pareri al Consiglio di indirizzo in ordine ai programmi e alle attività della Fondazione e definisce gli aspetti tecnici e scientifici dei piani delle attività.

The Scientific Committee formulates proposals and opinions to the Steering Board regarding the programs and activities of the Foundation and defines the technical and scientific aspects of the activity plans.

In particular, the Scientific Technical Committee:

  • examines the proposals brought to the attention of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, helping to set up, for the main tasks, the guidelines and orientations of the research activities;
  • collaborates in defining the Foundation’s annual activity plan;
  • collaborates in the evaluation and control of the work phases;
  • evaluates the results of research activities also for the purpose of their scientific publication.