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GTechnology offers a solid help to companies that intend to develop and implement the option chosen in a coherent, quick and efficient way with an organic and multidisciplinary approach.

Thanks to a wide network of contacts and to the needs of the business, the Foundation supports every company a right team that, starting from the idea of business, analyzes the market to grasp its potential, through specific analyses and sector research.

GTechnology accompanies the new companies in numerous startup activities from the legal and administrative point of view, in the financing and management phase, such as the drawing up of the organization chart and the research of the appropriate resources, concentrating also on the phase of Marketing plan.

GTechnology, in fact, provides a wide range of integrated support services that can include search for funding and calls for start-up, Business Development support services (enterprise creation, support of Start-up itself and the first development of new companies related to the selection of ideas, technical-economic feasibility, business model, business plan, technological potential analysis), opportunities for integration and networking.

The Foundation, through the various internal laboratories and a highly qualified group of professionals and technicians of various sectors, is able to simulate various scenarios to design, realize and present the prototype or model of the idea of business.

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