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“The kindness of the words creates trust. The kindness of the thoughts creates depth. Kindness in giving creates love”. Lao Tse

Help us to support the research and scientific development activities of the Foundation which, in a transparent manner, with the ideas and work of the people, Research laboratories and related research activities, is increasing the strength of scientific research and intends to continue to operate in this way. With your contribution you will be able to finance new, more and more innovative research projects and you will be able to discover new opportunities for everyone without any discrimination, in favour of respect for human needs and dignity.
The GTechology Foundation seeks to involve and keep constantly informed of all its donors considering an integral part of the research, creating with them a direct contact through initiatives, events, or knowing personally at one of Our Locations


To make a donation to the Foundation research organisation GTechnogoly You can use two service modalities that allow you to make the payment either through an Online donation or through a bank transfer.

Just a few steps:

a) Choose if you want to make the donation in favor:

  • Research activities that pursue the purpose of the GTechnology Foundation
  • of our research Laboratory
  • of a particular social project

b) Choose the amount

c) Choose the payment method:

Bank transfer payable to Fondazione GTechnology Research organization UNICREDIT IT54B0200866780000102146025. In the causal point the project (“Research project a Breath in the future” or “research project learns to learn”), or the Scientific Laboratory (Laboratory of Neuroscience, laboratory of Digital strategies, laboratory of work safety, Laboratory of industrial plants and logistics, laboratory of computer Science and automation, laboratory of Energy and Environment), or the purpose pursued by the foundation..
Donate online with the main credit cards or PayPal account and filling in the dedicated interactive Web page, by entering the credit card details and personal information and selecting which project, activity or laboratory through which Help the Research.

Donations to support the research activities of the GTechnology Foundation are tax deductible, up to a limit of 10% of the total declared income and to a maximum of €70,000 per annum (Decree Law March 14, 2005, n ° 35, art. 14). In order to obtain the deductibility, it is sufficient to attach the appropriate document attesting to the donation made to its income tax return.


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